Our Services
Find out about our range of funeral services:
The death of a loved one can be a profoundly sad and difficult time. Very often, dealing with a death and planning a funeral is something many of us may not have experienced. With over 20 years experience The Shepherdson family have built up a reputation for friendly, knowledgable staff and offer a complete range of funeral services which we can tailor in accordance with your wishes and those of the deceased.
All our staff offer a professional and personal service and will strive to help to relieve you of the stress which occurs when a friend or relative dies.
We will guide you through planning the funeral, completing necessary paperwork and help you liase with doctors, clergy, cemeteries/ crematoria, coroners, florists, caterers and other useful services in the east Riding of Yorkshire area.

Our service includes:
• Home visits
• Bereavement counselling
• Catering services
• Floral tributes
• Catalogues for memorial headstones
• Private Chapels of Rest
• Press announcements

Discussing your arrangements
If you wish, a home visit will be made and we will discuss every aspect of the funeral arrangements with you, as well as legal requirements and procedures. Alternatively, if preferred, we can discuss your needs at our private office.
A funeral director is always available to speak to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Just call 01964 612697
We will keep you informed of any changes or difficulties that may arise with your arrangements.

Tailoring the funeral
We can offer a wide variety of funeral types, both religious and non-religious.
Our standard vehicles are Vauxhall Limousines and Hearses which are kept in immaculate condition. Horse-drawn hearses are also available. You can find out more about our vehicles by contacting us.
Our aim is to ensure respect for the deceased and their loved ones, and to give you total peace of mind by providing a service to you that runs smoothly, efficiently and is personalised to fit your particular requirements.